Marching drummer

JCHS Gladiator Marching Band

The Johns Creek Gladiator Marching Band is an extracurricular activity that performs at football games, local, regional, and national competitions, pep-rallies, parades, and other scholastic events throughout the year.

Each year the band performs a show based on a concept that brings together music, dance, visual arts, and theatrics.

Marching band is made up of following performing sections:

Drum Majors are part of the band leadership and are responsible for knowing the music and are positioned on the field in areas to assist band members in keeping time.

Sections Leaders are part of the band leadership responsible for assisting with practices in their respective sections.

Front Ensemble includes performers who play stationary instruments such as marimbas, vibraphones, rack mounted drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and more.

Battery includes percussion performers who march on the field with instruments such as bass drum, snare drum, tenor drums, and cymbals.

Woodwinds are marching performers that play instruments such as saxophone, clarinet, and piccolo.

Brass are marching performers that play instruments such as contra tuba, mellophone, trombone, trumpet, and baritone.

Colorguard incorporates dancing, flag tossing, twirling, and other theatrics that interpret the music and tell the story of the show.

Marching Band students begin practicing their show during a 2 week mandatory summer camp in July. The show continues to be developed throughout the season.  Practices are usually 2-3 times a week and are mandatory.

2020 Gladiator Marching Band


Stephanie Carr

Hillary Kwok

Emmy Lai

Erin Li

Joshua Tzeng


Jacob Bennett

Yash Date

Gavin Rogalski

Gray Ward


Shinhai Chen

Daniel Ostrovskiy

Patrick Rice

Kendall Slade

Ishita Sukul

Albert Sun


Shep Marshall

Brandon Winter


Grant Bowman

Jared Carlson

Adam Chase

Bryson Cook

Charles Federico

Joss Hufnagel

Rajeev Iyer

Reece Jones

Emma Lai

Jamie Marshall

Kalen Milstead


Meredith Brackstone

Ben Case


Paul Connelly

Sydney Evans

Daniel Hartnett

Lance Heydinger

Alex Hogan

Demi Lentz

Christian Ross

Drum Major

Brian Ramirez

Victor Hernandez


Charlie Buck

Marin Malpeli

Charlie Vaughan


Carmen Bieniemy

Katlyn Borsic

Shani Gilad

Lotem Kol

Chris Lee

Ethan Palgon

Richard Patrick

Jules Pumarejo

Harriet Treverton

Garrett Zaher

Andrew Zimmerman


Momo Brandon

Elizabeth Douglas

Abby Freyer

Ray Gilliam

Honoka Iwasa

Valeria Merino

Anna Ostrovskiy

Adhya Singh

Folasade Sowe

Carly Yin

Johns Creek Gladiator Band

Marching Band Leadership 2020

Drum Majors

Brian Ramirez

Victor Hernandez

Band Co-Captains

Joshua Tzeng

Brandon Winter

Brass Co-Captains

Charles Federico

Marin Malpeli

Woodwind Co-Captains

Patrick Rice

Albert Sun

Percussion Co-Captains

Harriet Treverton

Shani Gilad

Colorguard Captains


Uniform Officers

Viluzmar Castellanos

Emma Lai

Opperations Officers

Sydney Evans - Chief Officer

Stephanie Carr

Additional Operations TBA